PANTAFOS is derived from ancient Greek and it means “All is Light”. Under this name I run my business as a photographer. My name is Dirk Wiersma, I am of Dutch nationality and now live in the Netherlands.

My background is that of a geologist and I have worked internationally in that capacity for many years. Besides that I have always been active as a photographer, and after obtaining a degree at the school of photography in Apeldoorn (1993), it became my second profession.

My work covers a wide variety of subjects, ranging from scientific and technical, micro and macro, to spacious landscapes as well as candid portraiture. It is recurrently exhibited in galleries and museums.

Initially my photography has been much inspired by my background as a geologist. This led to the publication, in 2002, of the book “Exposures of Mineral and Rock” (ISBN 90-6611-428-2), featuring 135 color photos, with text in English and Dutch. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg published a German (“Zauber der Mineralien und Gesteine”) and an all-English version (“Magic of Minerals and Rock”) of this book in 2004. The book has artistic rather than technical overtones. A limited number of the original Dutch edition is still available; for orders please send notice to Dirk Wiersma. The Springer editions are sold out.


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