My next photo-book “AFTERGLOW” (ISBN 978-90-77024-80-5), was published in May 2013 by de Graaff Publishers in the Netherlands ( It deals with a theme that has fascinated me for many years: the beauty and allure inherent in the aged and worn. The book was launched on May 16 2013 in the bookstore Pantheon in Amsterdam, with a word by Peter Westbroek, retired professor of geology and author of the popular-scientific bestseller De Ontdekking van de Aarde (2012) A short movie of this lively event can be found under

My technical/scientific work is in stock at the London-based photo agency Science Photo Library and often features in papers, magazines, books and other publications worldwide. See sciencephoto

I am a member of the Dutch Professional Photographers Association  DuPho

My pictures are for sale, as enlarged prints in any size, as just prints, framed, mounted on aluminum or perspex and also on canvas.

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