Welcome on my website as it has been upgraded early this year. I hope this new version meets with the key requirements expected for such a site: give an adequate overview of my photographic work as a whole, while accentuating what is new today. In this “Intro” I will throw in alternating “bon mots” and quotations or comment on something new in the world of photography that strikes, pleases or displeases me.

Just so, in a photo magazine of some time ago, I ran into a statement articulated by a photographer as follows: “Rather than a photographer I think of myself as an artist. I use the medium photography the way a painter uses paint and brush” Ad nauseam that senseless issue is raised in all manner of arguments: “Can photography be considered an art form?” Sure it can, certainly in a cultural climate where the oddest ideas, projects and objects, like a urinal attached to a museum wall, are considered art.

My own ideas as to the artistic aspects of photography run as follows: “Photography owes her distinctive place as a unique visual craft to her unfalsified core values: a chosen frame from the ambient reality, a split second in time, the proper light. To create beauty with just these key instruments is the real art of photography; staging or whichever other arty exploits make it into something different.”